12 Mai 2022

Cluj-Napoca has green visions for the future. The politicians have decided that Cluj-Napoca aims to be Romania’s greenest city within 2030 as part of the Green City Accord.

More than 50 cities have signed the Green City Accord. This agreement sees local authorities committing to achieve ambitious environmental goals by 2030 on air, water, nature and biodiversity, circular economy and waste, and noise. From Romania 4 cities – Alba-Iulia, Bistrita, Cluj-Napoca and Tulcea, will benefit from financial assistance to become greener, cleaner, and healthier.

URBAN defines mobility in new terms which follows up on the requirements set in The Green City Accord, and more.

In normal context mobility is a vital part of city planning and currently an important accelerator for green transition. The intention with the URBAN Workshop 19th May 2022 is to provide partners in Cluj-Napoca an overview and insight of URBAN as project, and how it can contribute to solve defined challenges related to i.e., transportation, mobility, and destination development. 

In a competitive world, sustainability is the new currency where value and innovation are measured. URBAN delivers a dynamic mobility offering tailored to the needs of destinations such as the Cluj-Napoca Etnografic Museum enabled by a unique value chain consisting of companies with complementary competence. 

The value chain of companies combines three key areas:

  • operational experience with autonomous mobility systems
  • competence and experience on urban planning and architecture
  • competence and experience with transport system, energy system and emissions modeling and simulation.

Together, this multidiscipline blend of competence and experience provided by SAMS Norway, NUDA, Infracity, MHtech, Applied Autonomy and University of Southeastern Norway will deliver dynamic and innovative autonomous mobility services built on the best possible data and design basis available. The partnership further aims to enable local cooperation between partners to handle key parts of the onsite operations, and thereby contributing to the local value creation.

Program 19th May:

Part one – open for all

17:00                Introduction by Tudor Salagean

                        Presentation of mobility plan by Alice c

                        SAMS Norway by Torun Degnes

                        University of Southeastern Norway by Thomas Brekke, PhD

                        MHtech by Anders Martin Moe

                        Applied Autonomy by Marius Halle

                        Infracity by Christine Kahrs

Part two – registration to attend

18:15                Workshop in groups

20:00                End



Bd. Eroilor Nr.22 ap.10

Cluj Napoca, 400129


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